British astrologer who predicted Covid reveals what’s really going to happen in the next six months

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Back in February, Jessica Adams transformed the way she lived her life.

She halved her working hours, cancelled everything in her diary — including a huge weekend party she’d organised for a dear friend in early March — abandoned her home in London and moved to Tasmania, where she now lives alone with two dogs and a pet chicken for company. 

‘I knew what was coming,’ she says. ‘I followed my own advice. I was very much on the watch. Sometimes you have to ring the alarm bells and that’s what I did.’

Astrologer Jessica Adams, 56, (pictured) predicted coronavirus pandemic a year before it took a hold across the hold, resulting in more than a million deaths 

A year earlier, Jessica had gone public with her prediction that a virus would disrupt the world, and also flagged a key date — January 10, 2020 — which turned out to be the day the first confirmed victim of Covid-19 died in Wuhan, China.

‘The year 2020 was like Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream,’ she says. ‘It was so extreme I didn’t know whether I should record it. But it’s my job, it’s what I do.

‘I wanted to warn people — about their pensions, their savings, about borrowing too much money and being ready for the world being turned upside down.’

Sadly, her words didn’t get much traction. Because Jessica, 56, is not an economist, politician or virologist, but a British astrologer who also happens to be a psychic.

So while her three million or so followers took heed, many others discounted it as quackery, or a hoax. Which is a shame. Because Jessica, a gentle, softly-spoken woman, has form.

At the start of the year, she described an ‘October surprise’ in the U.S. presidential election that could end up being ‘Trump’s downfall’, writing: ‘October surprise? We see this cycle when presidents, prime ministers, premiers and senators get voted out. Get sick and resign…’

Again she picked a key date —October 1, 2020 — which turned out to be the very day Donald Trump received his Covid-19 diagnosis. A coincidence? Surely.

The psychic had begun preparing for the pandemic months before and warned people of the impending issue which would affect everyone around the world but her words gained very little traction. Pictured, people wear masks on the tube in London earlier this month to help slow down the spread of coronavirus

But then a few years back, when she last looked at Boris Johnson’s chart, she also correctly predicted Brexit. And in 2017 she’d foreseen a huge split in the Royal Family between the Princes.

‘There will be no reconciliation,’ between William and Harry, she tells me very firmly when I ask during our Zoom chat, and then launches into some of the many changes that are coming our way over the next year or so. 

Jessica was alone among her peers in foreseeing that 2020 would be a year blighted by the virus 

Not least, men becoming ‘happier, more whole human beings after shedding their toxic masculinity,’ the patriarchy ‘going up in smoke’, the United Kingdom splitting into four completely separate countries and Italy ‘very likely’ leaving the EU next year. 

But all that only after we’ve embraced the festive season.

‘There will be Christmas and it will be a fantastic Christmas,’ she says. ‘Things start to change about three days before Christmas Eve — we see cycles we haven’t seen in decades — all about friendship and the group and global security. Finally, we get the Earth coming together!’ Golly. Well that’s a turn up for the books.

For those not in the know, astrology (never to be confused with astronomy) is the 4,000-year-old system of studying the alignment of stars and planets to predict the future. Jessica describes it as ‘completely non-scientific’ and ‘a glorious one-off’.

‘It doesn’t obey statistics and you can’t run it through a computer using stats. You’re looking at an ephemeris — a huge collection of data from 1900 to 2050 and searching for patterns. Astrology is just history and history repeats.’

The astrologer has been able to predict several events before they have taken place and even picked October 1, 2020, as a day of significance in January – which turned out to be the day the President of the United States, Donald Trump, (pictured) was diagnosed with Covid-19 

So right now, she explains, we’re in the middle of a cycle very similar to that of World War II — but without the war — which will come to an end in 2026.

‘It’s a complete and total revolution, not a reset, it’s a replacement. Everything will change,’ she says.

For a long time, astrology was taken very seriously — in the 17th-century astrologer William Lilly predicted the 1666 Great Fire of London — before being dismissed by scientists in the early 20th-century as mumbo jumbo.

It is increasingly popular and, today, a third of Britons regularly read and believe their horoscopes.

Meghan’s chart shows she will either ‘make a fortune for charity or take Harry to the cleaners’ 

Not that Jessica has ever been bothered by the doubters. ‘I have confidence in my data. Astrology works. It has always worked.

‘It’s one of the reasons we’ve thrived and survived for so long and, today, the quality is higher than ever. You can do a degree in it!’

She also insists that every astrologer worth his or her salt would have realised 2020 would be a year of shock and change — even if they had not, as she had, predicted the actual virus.

But then, thanks to her psychic side — her speciality is ‘trance mediumship’ which means she goes into a light trance to communicate with spirits — Jessica has always stood out a bit from her peers.

In 2017 Jessica had predicted an enormous split in the Royal Family between the Princes and claims there will be no reconciliation between the brothers. Pictured, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle attending the Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in March

‘I’ve always been able to see the spirit world and I know about things before they happen,’ she says.

So she’s known since 2017, when she looked at Meghan Markle’s chart, that the American had ‘an uncanny resemblance’ to Princess Margaret and would either ‘make a fortune for charity or take Prince Harry to the cleaners’.

She’s also adamant that the climate crisis will be over by 2026, with teenage activist Greta Thunberg stepping back to live her own life and that, while there will be no Covid-19 vaccine, ‘we’ll all simply learn to live with it, like AIDS’.

The only time she has ever made a mistake publicly over something big was the 2016 Trump v Clinton U.S. election.

‘I got it totally wrong! I said Hillary,’ she admits. ‘But Trump has two different birth dates [recorded] and, to make matters worse, we also have more than one supplied birth time for him! All the astrologers had a problem with it.’

Jessica’s astrological journey began aged eight, when growing up in Brixton, South London, she became glued to Catweazle the children’s TV show based on Catweazle And The Magic Zodiac by Richard Carpenter. Out of nowhere, she became obsessed.

‘There was no family history. I didn’t feel I’d been ‘chosen’. It just happened,’ she says simply.

As well as the continued disconnect between the princes, Jessica (pictured) predicts that men will become ‘happier, more whole human beings after shedding their toxic masculinity’

She spent her book tokens on astrology books, read everything else she could and gave her friends readings about their love lives during school breaks. ‘I was good at it, I always have been.’

But, for years, she put it to one side, gained two degrees, wrote a series of best-selling novels, before really embracing it again in her 30s, when she trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

Ever since, Jessica has been flitting between London and Melbourne, Australia, where she has a second home, and has been busy making waves in the astrological world.

In 2017, she turned down a female member of the Royal Family, who asked for a private reading 

She has one of the most-visited astrological websites, has written countless books including 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Personal Horoscope Guide, and her millions of followers — including celebrities — lap up her predictions.

‘Some people want me to tell them what to do, but I won’t do that. It’s their life, not mine,’ she says firmly.

Her electronic post bag is always bursting with more than 11,000 messages, through which she works doggedly, giving tips and directing the more vulnerable people to support groups.

Instead of a reunion between Prince William (pictured) and Prince Harry, Jessica claims the Sussexes will become involved in radical new farming and food venture

Despite constant requests, she gives very few private readings — ‘everyone always wants to know about money, will they be OK financially, much more than love, more than sex!’. And, she says she rarely bothers to check her own horoscope.

Back in 2017, a female member of our Royal Family — she won’t reveal which, annoyingly — asked for a private reading.

In the event, it didn’t take place because she (Jessica, not the Royal) was too busy and, later, ‘a gut feeling’ stopped her from following up the request. ‘I expect she went to someone else for the reading,’ she says. ‘And I’m glad. I don’t regret it.’

So what else is coming our way soon? Are things ever going to look up?

Well, for starters, and thanks to something called ‘mercury retrograde’, the U.S. election will be a ‘total shambles’.

‘The last time we saw this level of chaos was the Bush versus Gore election of 2000,’ she says.

‘But fast-forward to next year and the leadership is not Republican and it’s not Trump. It’s about community and equality, feminism, women and black people. The new President will be like Robin Hood!’

The only time Jessica has ever made a mistake was during the 2016 Trump v Clinton U.S. election in which she predicted Hillary would come out victorious and claims all astrologers had an issue with predicting the result

Back in Britain, she promises the political scene will be just as perky.

Sure, there’ll be upheaval over the next few months when the UK becomes four distinct entities, but money laundering will be ‘over’, there’ll be a huge boost in spirituality, religion and meditation and today’s teenagers will show their mettle by taking over the world when they’re barely adults — ‘we will be amazed at how quickly they move!’

Best of all, though — and, as normal life shuts down around us, this feels like balm to the soul — she promises that, starting from Christmas, 2021 will be ‘an intensely sociable year’, with lots of romance, particularly for those born in the Seventies. Woo-hoo!

‘They’re going to really love what happens with their love lives,’ she says.

‘There is so much to be happy about next year! It is a complete and total revolution. It is extreme, but it will all be OK.’

Which is a lot to swallow, and I don’t know about you but, as the nights close in and every-thing feels rather grim, I’m tempted to go with jolly Jessica and ignore Boris Johnson’s dreary alternative.



There will be no Covid-19 vaccine. We will learn to live with it. When the UK splits, each country will learn to cope with the virus in turn.


The final week in January 2021 will be a critical crossroads for the UK — all about borders, Europe and the ocean. 

In Boris and Carrie’s (pictured) future, Jessica predicts she will break away from Downing Street to join an all-female venture

It will push Britain back to where it was 2,000 years ago, before the Roman invasion. 

Within months the country will split into four distinct and separate entities. Meanwhile, Italy is ‘very likely’ to leave the EU sometime in 2021.


Carrie will break away from Downing Street to join an all-female venture connected to her passion for the environment. 

Boris will delay a final Brexit divorce, due to Italy deciding to leave the EU.


It will be a shambles and may even be held up, delayed by court cases, until November 20, 2020. 

But fast-forward to next year and the leader is not Trump and it’s not Republican. 

It’s diverse, it’s about community and equality. It’s about feminism and women. It’s about black people. There is so much to be happy about next year.

In a positive future prediction, Jessica claims the climate emergency will be over by 2026 and Greta Thunberg (pictured) will go back to normal life


The climate emergency will be over by 2026 and Swedish activist Greta Thunberg will return to a more normal life.


There will be no reunion between Princes William and Harry. 

The Sussexes will invest time in a radical new farming and food venture. 

The product will be an alternative to coffee, chocolate or meat and the businessman involved is rather handsome.


From 2023, today’s teenagers will come to power very quickly. We will have a lot of young politicians as they fulfil their mission, which is to treat everyone equally.

They don’t condone sexism or racism, they’re not interested in love and sex, but they care about friendship and activism and we’ll be amazed at how quickly they move.

For the upcoming U.S. election, Jessica thinks it may even be held up, due to a delay by court cases, until November 20, 2020


There will be huge changes to the global economy. Money laundering is over and corrupt and rotten economic systems are bought down. 

Next year will be a time of greater innovation and invention than we’ve seen for many years.


The festive season will be fantastic this year. Things begin to change about three days before Christmas Eve — we see cycles we haven’t seen in decades. It’s going to be all about friendship and the group and global security. 

Finally, we get the Earth coming together. And Oprah Winfrey will become centre stage in a very different way to her usual TV role. 

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