Trump says his son ‘is doing very well’ after Don Jr. confirmed he ‘got the rona’

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President Donald Trump shared that his son is ‘doing very well’ after Don Jr. confirmed he tested positive for the coronavirus and was quarantining in upstate New York.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to share insight into how his son was doing, less than two months after he too tested positive for the virus. 

‘My son Donald is doing very well,’ he said in the tweet. ‘Thank you!’ 

Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram on Friday to update his followers and the world on his condition.  

Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer his words of support for son Don Jr  after he posted a video on his Instagram on Friday night confirming his diagnosis

‘My son Donald is doing very well,’ Trump said in the Saturday tweet. ‘Thank you!’

‘Apparently I got the rona,’ he said in a video posted on Friday night.

‘You wouldn’t know it, based on anything that I have felt or seen. I guess I’ve been totally asymptomatic.’

He said he would ‘take it seriously’ and ‘follow the regular protocols’.

The 42-year-old said he got tested because he was going traveling with his son, after being on the road campaigning for his father for several months.

‘Maybe it’s a false positive, maybe not,’ he said, saying he would seek more tests. 

The 42-year-old said that he felt ‘totally fine’ but got tested as a precaution

‘I think you can tell I probably look OK for me. It’s never going to look great, but at this point, at 42, I only work with what I have.

‘I don’t have the red eyes like they claimed I had for apparently using cocaine prior to my RNC speech.

‘That is the world of the internet. God knows I troll, and do my fair share of it, so I guess it comes back to me, in time, as well. That’s the game.’

The president’s son also asked for Netflix and e-book recommendations.

‘There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored,’ he said. 

Trump Jr is pictured above in September with girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and his son Spencer

He remains symptom free so far, his spokesman said.  

The spokesman added: ‘Don tested positive at the start of the week and has been quarantining out at his cabin since the result.’ 

Don Jr. owns a cabin in upstate New York where he likes to fly fish in the Delaware River. 

He and his brother Eric co-own the 171-acre hunting preserve that they also use as a private shooting range.

Don Jr. is an avid hunter and fisherman. 

Donald Trump Jr., speaks as he tapes his speech for the first day of the Republican National Convention in Washington in August

The gates to the 171-acre hunting preserve Don Jr and Eric own in upstate New York

President Donald Trump’s oldest son escaped catching the disease when his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle had it over fourth of July.

He is the second of the president’s children to test positive for the virus, following Barron Trump’s diagnosis last month. 

Barron tested positive in October when both his parents had COVID.  

Don Jr’s infection comes as coronavirus cases are in the rise in the United States with more than 11.9 million people infected. More than 253,000 Americans have died from the disease. 

It’s unclear where the president’s oldest son may have been infected. He was at the White House on election night where several of Trump’s staff later tested positive for COVID, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. 

He’s the latest in a long line of people close to the president to get infected.

Also on Friday, Andrew Giuliani, the son of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and a White House aide, announced he had COVID. 

‘This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. I am experiencing mild symptoms, and am following all appropriate protocols, including being in quarantine and conducting contact tracing,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Andrew works under President Trump as a White House public liaison assistant and appears to have been involved in Trump’s failed re-election campaign. 

The 34-year-old attended his father’s bizarre press conference on Thursday where hair dye dripped down the sides of the heavily sweating 76-year-old’s face as he claimed there was ‘evidence’ to ‘massive voting fraud’ in the presidential election.

Three low-level staffers at the White House also tested positive for the virus in recent days, according to NBC News.

Several Secret Service agents tested positive after attending President Trump’s final swing of campaign rallies – Don Jr is a regular speaker at his father’s rallies; he’s seen above at a rally in Kenosha the day before the election

Don Jr is the second of the president’s children to get the virus; Barron Trump got it in October when his parent’s had it 

Andrew Giuliani, the son of Rudy Giuliani, announced Friday he tested positive for COVID; he works in the White House 

The disease is spreading throughout Washington.

Two Republican senators, Rick Scott of Florida and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, have announced in the last few days that they have COVID. 

At this point 26 House members and 10 senators have tested positive or been presumed positive since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a count by CNN. 

Last Friday it was reported that more than 130 Secret Service agents who protect the president, the White House and the first family were ordered to isolate because they caught COVID or were in close contact with someone who was infected with the virus. 

The spread of the highly contagious disease sidelined about 10 percent of the agency’s core team, The Washington Post reported, and the infection rate is believed to be linked to the numerous campaign rallies Trump held before the election – 14 in the last three days of campaigning alone.

Don Jr is also a regular at his father’s rallies. 

The agents saw a rise in infections after a recent outbreak at the White House in the wake of an election night event attended by hundreds of unmasked Trump supporters. 

Meadows, top Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and David Bossie, the man leading Trump’s legal fight against the election, were among those at the election night event who later tested positive for COVID. 

That was the second of two superspreader events tied to the White House. The first one was the September 26th Rose Garden ceremony where President Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett was his Supreme Court nominee.  



Ronna McDaniel, 47, Chair of the Republican National Convention 

McDaniel is thought to have been the first positive case. It was not made public until after Trump’s diagnosis. 

She was last in contact with Trump on September 25. McDaniel began isolating on September 26 when a member of her family tested positive. She got her results several days later. 


Hope Hicks, 31, Counselor to the President

Hicks was the first case reported and was tied to the President’s positive test. 

She flew with him through the week before he was diagnosed and started feeling unwell on her way back from a rally in Minnesota on Wednesday night. 

She quarantined on Air Force One to stay away from him.  

President Donald Trump, 74 

Confirmed positive diagnosis on Friday October 2 at 1am. Was taken to Walter Reed on Friday night, where he remained on Monday afternoon. 

Reported symptoms included trouble breathing, lethargy and a fever. 

He was given an antibody cocktail on Friday and other treatments. 

First Lady Melania Trump, 50

Confirmed positive diagnosis on Friday October 2 at 1am. She has been quarantining in the White House. 

She suffered mild symptoms including a cough and a headache but has said repeatedly that she feels ‘good’. 


Fr. John Jenkins, 66, President of the University of Notre Dame 

Jenkins attended the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination without a mask on Saturday September 25. 

The event in the White House Rose Garden is now widely believed to be the source of many of the infections.

He is not thought to have severe symptoms.  

Mike Lee, 49, Republican Utah Senator 

Lee also attended the event in the Rose Garden and he was seen hugging other attendees without a mask on. 

He is not thought to have severe symptoms either.  

Bill Stepien, 42, Trump’s Campaign Manager

Stepien tested positive after Trump. 

He had mild, flu-like symptoms and planned to continue working from home. 

He attended Tuesday night’s rally in Cleveland, having flown with Trump and Hicks on Air Force One to and from the event. 

Michael Shear, 52, New York Times White House correspondent, and two other unnamed journalists 

The journalists’ positive diagnoses were revealed on Friday. 

Two attended the SCOTUS event, where they said they were forced into pen like enclosures at the back, with little space between them. 

Hardly any of the guests at the event wore masks, they said. 


Thom Tillis, 60, Republican North Carolina Senator 

Tillis announced that he’d tested positive after routinely testing negative. 

He said he was asymptomatic. 

‘Over the last few months, I’ve been routinely tested for COVID-19, including testing negative last Saturday, but tonight my rapid antigen test came back positive,’ he said in a statement.

Chris Christie, 58, Former New Jersey Governor 

Christie has been at the White House frequently in recent weeks and was at the SCOTUS event. 

He tested positive on Saturday and checked himself into hospital, he said, out of an abundance of caution because of his health conditions including asthma.  

Nicholas Luna, 29, Chief of Oval Office Operations and ‘body man’

Luna’s job requirements involve following Trump around at all times. 

He tested positive on Saturday night, more than 24 hours after President Trump did  

Ron Johnson, 65, Republican Wisconsin Senator 

Johnson still attended an Oktoberfest event on Friday night while awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, despite knowing he had come into contact with others who had tested positive. 

He defended it, saying he was asymptomatic 


Kellyanne Conway, 53, Former White House Counselor to the President 

Conway and her daughter have both tested positive. 

The daughter, Claudia, revealed on Tik Tok that her mom had been coughing all over their home 


Kayleigh McEnany, 32, White House Press Secretary 

McEnany had tested negative last week after Trump’s diagnosis and she continued giving press conferences without a mask on until Sunday

Chad Gilmartin, Assistant Press Secretary

Karoline Leavitt, Assistant Press Secretary 

Two unnamed staff members who work in the White House residence. 

They were told to use ‘discretion’ when discussing it, according to The New York Times 


Stephen Miller, 35, White House policy advisor

Miller had been working remotely for five days, and tested negative for coronavirus each day prior to testing positive, the administration said.   


Trish Scalia, Wife of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia

Trish Scalia tested positive on Tuesday night. She had ‘mild symptoms but [was] doing well’, the Labor Department said.

Mrs Scalia was among attendees at the White House Rose Garden event. 

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