Why These Astrologers Think Thanksgiving Will Be... Interesting

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This Week's Horoscope Is In & It Says Thanksgiving Will Be...Interesting

November 21, 2020 — 18:04 PM

The truth shall set you free! Well, as long as it's delivered with empathy. Here's what's in store for our Thanksgiving week horoscope.

On Thursday, November 26, the Sun flows into a simpatico trine (120-degree angle) to Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is the "wounded healer comet," and in this fiery formation, buried feelings of anger could bubble up to be processed. Not exactly the best timing, especially for those breaking bread with family—IRL or via Zoom. But Chiron is the cosmic keymaster, unlocking both our wounds and our ability to heal them.

The trick is to notice your feelings without instantly reacting to them. As you let them rise up, be aware of physical sensations and tune in to your breath. There's room for profound understanding this week, even if you never see eye to eye with certain people. Can you make room for multiple truths to co-exist? That's not delusion, it's a high-minded view of this dimension that we all call home.

On Friday, November 27, we'll get another reminder from the heavens to let love rule—or at least have an equal say in those ideological debates.

Peacekeeper Venus in spiritual Scorpio will directly oppose changemaker Uranus in traditional Taurus. Venus in Scorpio brings sexy alchemy to the week, helping us tune in to unspoken cues and signals. But Uranus in Taurus can pull us back to the material plane, making it hard to believe anything that we can't experience with our five senses.

With these two planets facing off, we may feel dramatically divided about everything from our erotic desires to our financial and ethical values. Acting impulsively and reactively is definitely a risk. But haste can waste things we've worked long and hard to build. Pay attention to those urges to upset the status quo, they may be legitimate signals for change. After all, what makes sense on paper doesn't always line up with the will of the heart. But if you aren't ready to deal with major changes (and even a few consequences), let these big ideas marinate for a minute before you act.

On Saturday the 28th, dreamy and inspirational Neptune snaps out of retrograde mode and powers forward through Pisces, its native sign.

Neptune’s retrograde started on June 22, which may have temporarily stalled artistic missions. But this backspin also pushed for soulful deep dives and lots of visionary exploration. As the planet of cathartic creativity corrects course, you may feel confident moving ahead on a project or promoting work you’ve been quietly developing since June. Neptune in Pisces is no light affair—and certainly not during a retrograde!

If the past five months pulled you into an introspective journey through your shadow, we wouldn’t be surprised. After Saturday, it will be easier to parse through the feelings and figure out where proper boundaries lie. Is it time for forgiveness? Neptune’s U-turn could prompt you to extend an olive branch, just in time for the official beginning of the holiday season.

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